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Why Open Source

 While other projects may claim to be open, Jasig projects are 100% Real Open Source. What does it mean to be truly open? That means open in all aspects, including the following:

  • Everyone can download all versions are freely available at no cost
  • Everyone can fully participate in the community discussion
  • Everyone can take advantage of webinars, documentation, screencasts and conferences
  • Everyone is invited to submit contributions which will readily be considered for adoption

Open Access
The Jasig community is committed to increasing openness in higher education and beyond. In addition to having free and open access to all versions of our software, you have access to the entire community surrounding the software. You can participate on the discussion lists, watch the IRC channels, access the wiki, participate in free webinars and attend conferences.

Open Collaboration
This open and inviting environment creates great opportunities for collaboration with peers. Instead of waiting for a vendor to implement an enhancement or having to take on all the development yourself, you can cooperate with other individuals and organizations to implement innovative solutions.

Open Contribution
The projects readily invite contributions from community members which are then considered for adoption into the main project. The whole community benefits as members contribute back and the contributors benefit as the community can help with maintenance and further development.

Open Choice
If you want assistance with implementation that goes beyond the free assistance provided from the community, you are not locked into one vendor. There are a variety of support options from multiple solution providers. See our Solutions Providers page for more information.