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uPortal Steering Committee

The uPortal Steering Committee serves as the governing body responsible for the strategic direction and operational oversight of the uPortal project.  The committee acts as an advocate for the project and helps to ensure its continued health and growth. The uPortal community helps select the membership of the committee and can feel free to contact the committee to provide further input by sending an email to

Current Steering Committee Members

Elected by the Jasig membership

  • Laura McCord, Southwestern University

Selected by the uPortal developers

  • Andrew Wills, Unicon
  • Anthony Colebourne, University of Manchester

Appointed by the Committee

  • Tim Carroll, University of Illinois
  • Eric Goldman, Unicon

Representing the Jasig Board

  • Jim Helwig, University of Wisconsin-Madison (board liason, committee chair)



  • Capture requirements for uPortal functionality
  • Determine priority of deliverables for releases
  • Determine resource needs
  • Partner with institutions, commercial affiliates, and other community source projects to recruit, acquire, develop resources from the community
  • Assist in grant proposals on behalf of the project
  • Prioritize the use of external funds that have been allocated to the project
  • Monitor progress towards releases
  • Communicate regularly to the Jasig Board


  • One Jasig Board Director, or appointee of the Jasig Board
  • Two uPortal developers selected by the current group of uPortal committers
  • Three community stakeholders will be elected by the Jasig Membership
  • Additional stakeholders may be added as working members, if approved by the committee
  • Executive Director as ex officio member


  • Committee will select its own chair, who will serve for two years
  • Committee will meet once per month.  Additional meetings to be arranged by agreement of the committee
  • Committee Chair will discuss project status with the Jasig Executive Director monthly
  • Elections of stakeholder participants will be held once a year prior to the annual Jasig Membership Meeting
  • Stakeholders will serve for two years
  • Election process will mirror that of Jasig Board, with each Member organization casting the same number of votes as the number of open positions
  • Stakeholder nominees need not be associated with Member organizations, may be self-nominated, and may be nominated by a non-Member