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uMobile Components

The uMobile project consists of two halves: a server and a native mobile project. The uMobile server is responsible for serving up web-based content, acting as a middleware server, and providing administrative tools, while the native app project compiles into iOS and Android applications. To run uMobile, you must download and install the uMobile server.

Jasig offers the following options for downloading and installing the uMobile server:

Quick-start Release

Users wanting to quickly setup and demonstrate a uMobile site may download the development quick-start distribution of uMobile. This distribution provides a "drop it in and go" configuration of uMobile. The intent is to make it easier for potential uMobile adopters to quickly get uMobile up and running and allow them to begin trying out uMobile and integrating interesting content. The builds include a working configuration of the Tomcat Servlet Engine and HSQLDB database.

Developer's Quick-start Release

The Developer's Quick Start is functionally the same as the standard Quick Start. The difference is the Developers version includes the Subversion data for uMobile which allows for easy comparison against the uPortal Subversion repository.

Development Source Code

For access to the latest code, visit the uMobile Source Code Repository.

Previous Releases

The source code is included with each distribution.