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uMobile FAQ

Questions about uMobile Features

What does uMobile use for authentication?

Out of the box, uMobile supports authenticating via internal user accounts, CAS, and LDAP. uMobile includes an API for other authentication integrations. Support for CAS (and the inclusion by default of a CAS server) implies support for all the authentication methods CAS supports, including Active Directory, JAAS, JDBC, Container, LDAP, RADIUS, SPNEGO, and X.509 certificates. CAS provides APIs and an extensible framework for tailoring the user authentication experience.

Does uMobile integrate with LDAP?

Yes, uMobile can perform authentication against LDAP, can read person attributes from an LDAP server, and can also be configured to rely on LDAP for user groups. uMobile's directory and search modules can also expose permission-sensitive LDAP search results.

What databases does uMobile support?

uMobile and most of its modules use Hibernate, so most popular databases are supported. Known production deployment database include Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Is uMobile secure?

Jasig's security policy and relevant details about uMobile's security standards are available here.

Is uMobile highly scalable?

Yes! Many schools with over 50,000 users use uMobile and see millions of logins a month. One commercial organization even has a user base of over 8 million! Since uMobile is free and open source Software, there are no license fees to pay for uMobile and you are free to run uMobile on as powerful and as many servers as you like with no change to your zero dollar uMobile license fee.

Questions about uMobile's community

Does uMobile have an active user community with whom I can engage?

Yes! Everyone is welcome to join our mailing lists, log into the IRC channel, attend our community calls, look at past presentations and attend our conferences. With the exception of the the conferences, most of this is available at no fee. And even the conferences lead to freely available content in the Jasig wiki.

Are there trainings and conferences for uMobile?

Yes! The annual conference offers four days of presentations and pre-/post-conference seminars. This conference is shockingly inexpensive for what it is and regularly offers quality focused technical content and seminars. An annual UnConference offers networking/discussion opportunities in a less structured format. Commercial partners periodically and on-demand offer uMobile training and are able to deliver custom training classes, mentoring experiences, co-development, technical support, assistance, examples, outsourced development, custom documentation, and basically any other professional service you could possibly be willing to pay for.

Can I buy technical support for uMobile?

Yes! At least one of Jasig's Partners and uMobile Solutions Providers offers technical support for uMobile. Besides for-fee commercial SLA-driven technical support, there are self-support options for uMobile as well, in the form of active email lists, a giant email list archive, the wiki, and other resources.

Where can I get help?

Jasig maintains two email lists that might be particularly of help: umobile-user and portlet-user. If you're interested in purchasing support or consulting services, please visit Jasig's list of commercial partners.

Can I contribute to uMobile?

Yes! You can also become a uMobile developer and contribute back to the project. Many of the features of uMobile were developed by local institutions, contributed back and now are part of the core product.


Questions about Customizing and Developing for uMobile

What JavaScript toolkits does uMobile support?

uMobile bundles jQuery, jQuery UI, and Fluid Infusion in the default theme. The quickstart includes a portlet named "Javascript Demos" that you may use to demo the built-in JavaScript libraries. However, uMobile also carefully namespaces its libraries and code in case you choose to use another framework in your custom development.

What portlet development frameworks does uMobile support?

Since uMobile provides full support for JSR-286 and JSR-168, you can develop portlets in a framework of your choice. Some adopters have also chosen to build content in a non-Java environment and display it using the included Web Proxy portlet.


Questions about uMobile Licensing

I just want to try uMobile out and see if I like it. Can I do that?

Yes! Each uMobile distribution includes a quickstart. You can download the latest from the download page.

Can I access all the uMobile source code, including the latest features and patches?

Yes! uMobile is 100% free and open source. There is only one repository hosting all of the uMobile code. All uMobile releases are completely free and publicly available.