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Jasig Mailing Lists

Jasig Announcements List

For Jasig related announcements.

Jasig Community Discussion List

Discussion of open source and community source software development in administration of higher education.

Jasig User Experience List

A list for discussion of topics related to user interfaces and overall "user experience" of Jasig applications.

Jasig Web Presence List

Jasig web presence, including websites, web applications, and general presence on the web. Discussion of how to better present Jasig on the web to the world and to the Jasig constituents. Collaboration on Jasig wiki pages and websites.

Jasig Security List

For reporting potential security vulnerabilities in Jasig sponsored projects to the security working group.

Jasig Board Member List

For Jasig Board member discussions. The public can email this list using the address.

Jasig OSS in HE List

Discussion around the promotion of Open Source Software in higher education

Jasig Project Incubation List

Used for setting up and administering the Jasig project incubation process.

Jasig Licensing List

Discuss licensing issues pertaining to Jasig products and materials

Jasig Identity Management List

Discussion of identity management topics within the Jasig context. All are welcome to join.