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Jasig is primarily a volunteer organization.  The most important way for you to contribute to our efforts is by volunteering to work on one of our projects!  Participation takes many forms.  You can write code; you can write documentation; you can help out on one of our mailing lists; you can record a screencast of your application; you can present your work at one of our conferences… And that’s just to name a few! 

Jasig also accepts donations from individuals who want to support the work we do with a financial contribution. Jasig is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, and contributions should be tax deductible for individuals in the United States (Consult your financial advisor to confirm that this is true for you!)

If you choose to make a donation, it will be used for the shared services that Jasig provides to its projects.  You can find a list of them on our contributions page.  However, if you have a specific use to which you would like your donation to be directed, please let us know at info at Jasig dot org.  We will do our best to accommodate you.

Contributions for USD $50 and greater will be acknowledged on the Jasig website.

To contribute using PayPal or credit card, click on the PayPal icon:


To contribute by check or money order, mail your contribution, payable to “JA-SIG, Inc.," to the following address.  Include your email ID so we can acknowledge your contribution:

Jasig Administrator
PO Box 351989
Westminster, CO  80035-1989

See our Sponsorship page for details on making larger, unrestricted contributions to Jasig. 

Have questions about donating to Jasig?  Send email to info at Jasig dot org.