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How to Contribute to Jasig

Jasig is primarily a volunteer organization.  The most important way for you to contribute to our efforts is by volunteering to work on one of our projects!  Participation takes many forms.  You can write code; you can write documentation; you can help out on one of our mailing lists; you can record a screencast of your application; you can present your work at one of our conferences… And that’s just to name a few! 

If you’d like to contribute financially to Jasig, there are ways to do that too:

Donations.  Individuals and organizations can contribute directly using PayPal, credit card, or check.

Sponsorship.  Larger, unrestricted contributions can be made through our Sponsorship Program. Sponsors qualify for in-return benefits, including exposure to an international community of higher education strategists, developers, managers, deployers, and application users.

Membership.  Institutions that deploy our software products can support Jasig through Institutional Membership.  Commercial entities wishing to be closely involved with our projects and our community as developers or service providers can also become members by applying to join our Jasig Partner program.

How do we make use of financial contributions?  Here is a list of non-code-related areas in which we currently invest on behalf of our projects:

  • Community building – Jasig’s mission is to encourage and nurture collaboration on all our projects.  Doing that entails continuous outreach and organizational development
  • A governance model - We provide oversight and infrastructure to ensure that projects are governed by a representation of developers, stakeholders, and board
  • Conferences – We produce an annual conference that is inclusive of Jasig projects as well as the work of other innovative, higher education, open source communities; we also produce an annual “unconference,” a spontaneous event where participants construct an agenda on site based on their interests and expertise; and, finally, we co-sponsor several  open source events during the year in partnership with such groups as Internet2, InCommon, Kuali, and others
  • Training – Seminars run by community leaders and industry experts provide training in new technologies and open source projects
  • Our code repository – Available to official projects, the Jasig Incubator, and individual contributions, where appropriate
  • Our wiki – Open to all
  • Our issues tracker – Open to all for management of bugs, new features, product releases, etc.
  • Open source software license management
  • Legal protection – Afforded to our projects and developers
  • Relationships with other open source projects – We seek partnerships, integration opportunities, and joint promotions in the interest of our community
  • Community outreach – Our website, newsletters, announcements, and social media sites promote Jasig and its projects around the world
  • Mailing lists – Our mailing lists offer forums for questions and support from the community of users and developers
  • Third party services – Jasig develops relationships with companies offering commercial support for its applications
  • We constantly develop and refine our ecosystem and methodology for achieving sustainable projects

We plan to use additional funds to strengthen these services and to provide new ones that our projects and user communities believe are worth the investment. 

Individual donations can be made on the Jasig website:

More information about the Sponsorship Program can be found at

Institutions and service providers can find more information about Jasig membership at

Jasig is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.  Within the United States, donations to Jasig should be tax deductible.  (Please consult whoever offers you financial advice to confirm that this is the case for you.)

Do you have questions or suggestions about contributing to Jasig?  Feel free to send email to info at Jasig dot org.