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Project Incubation


The goal of Jasig Project Incubation is to define and manage a process for incubating software projects, components, portlets, and other contributions into official Jasig collaborative efforts.  Jasig contributions should have the support of the community so that if (when) the original contributors move on, collaboration and support will continue.

Evaluating candidate offerings and making decisions about their status is the job of the Incubation Working Group (IWG). 

Topics are discussed on the incubation mailing list, which is open to all.


The IWG has responsibility for managing the life cycle of all software contributions to Jasig.  This includes:

  • Sponsored Projects.  Jasig sponsored projects are governed by project steering committees.  The IWG is involved with sponsored projects only when there is a change in status, such as project retirement.  The IWG will expect that a candidate contribution be taken on by an existing steering committee if it is related to a particular project.
  • Projects based on existing software or designs from a community that would like its work to become a Jasig sponsored project.
  • New projects started under the auspices of Jasig.
  • Contributions related to sponsored projects
  • Contributions unrelated to any existing sponsored project

For more information about incubation, please send an email to

How to Apply for Incubation

To learn about the process of incubation and how to submit a proposal to the IWG see the incubation process wiki pages.