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- Jasig-Sakai Joint Unconference - Save the Date!

- Hold the Date for the 2013 Jasig and Sakai Conference!

- Jasig at the Educause Annual Conference (November 6-9, 2012)

- Jasig and Sakai Boards Approve "Plan of Consolidation" and Send to Members for Vote



- uMobile Becomes a Fully Sponsored Jasig Project

- Bedework 3.9 milestone release is now available

- CAS 3.5.1 Release Announcement

- uPortal Community Call: November 15, 2012



- cas-addons 1.0 Release



- Announcing New CAS Perl Client

- 2012 Annual Conference Archived Recordings Now Available

- Unicon-involving CAS Progress






Jasig-Sakai Joint Unconference - Save the Date!



The Sixth Annual Jasig (First Joint Sakai) Unconference on the campus of Arizona State University/Polytechnic, Mesa, AZ



January 14-16, 2013 2 1/2 days of sessions; January 16-17, 2013 1 1/2 days of developer-implementer gathering



Start Up Lab at ASU/Poly


Registration TBD



DoubleTree Gilbert is offering a discounted rate of $129.00 per night, including wireless. Registration will be by individuals, using group code JASIG. Check back for more information.



Coffee Breaks, Lunch Mon-Tues-Wed provided.


*Travel Information*

Campus is approximately 30 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport


*What's an Unconference?*


"An unconference is a conference where the content of the sessions is driven and created by the participants, generally day-by-day during the course of the event, rather than by a single organizer, or small group of organizers, in advance."



Jasig and Sakai have always been about people coming together to share and learn in an open environment, and this is what an "unconference" is all about. The unconference format fits very well with our community values and goals. This January event is our sixth Unconference and will provide both spontaneous and planned opportunities to collaborate on all Jasig and Sakai community initiatives as well as initiatives from other community open source communities as well. Mark your calendar, make plans to join us and register as soon as registration opens up!


*What are we going to do?!*


The Jasig-Sakai UnConference consists of multiple face to face sessions occurring throughout the day. Some sessions may have more formal presentations, most sessions involve heavy interaction with the audience as a whole. The list of topics, presenters and facilitators is very dynamic and the final schedule will be determined in real-time, interactively with the attendees. Topics will likely include:


- Project updates on CAS, uPortal, Bedework, uMobile, Grouper, Student Success Plan, Sakai CLE/OAE

- Sessions on identity management, targeting mobile devices, development tools and techniques

- Discussions around the Jasig/Sakai merger, Openness, adopting Open Source


*OK, I'm Interested! What do I do next?*


Mark the date in your calendar and stay tuned for more information.


Contact Patty Gertz (ed at if you would like to be on the planning committee.


See you at the Unconference!




Hold the Date for the 2013 Jasig and Sakai Conference!


I am pleased to announce that the 2013 Jasig and Sakai Conference will take place at the Westin San Diego, California, between Monday 3rd June and Thursday 6th June 2013. Sunday 2nd June is reserved for pre-conference workshops, project and other community meetings. Limited space is available on Friday 7th June for similar meetings.


If you are interested in serving on the conference planning or program committees, please contact Patty Gertz, Jasig Executive Director at


Robert Sherratt

Chair of Jasig Board of Directors




Jasig at the Educause Annual Conference (November 6-9, 2012)


Please join Jasig at these events in Denver:

* Open Source and Community Source Reception – hosted jointly with the Sakai Foundation.  Thursday, Nov. 8th, from 6:30 to 7:30, in Mineral Hall A, Level 3, Hyatt Regency.

* The Community Source Project has three Jasig related presentations, on Student Success Plan, uMobile, and CIFER.  Visit on  Thursday, Nov. 8th from 1:30-4:30.

* uMobile: Strategies for Personalized Mobile Applications: Making Choices That Will Last , Wednesday, Nov 7th, from 2:30-3:20.

* uMobile:  A Mature Open-Source Platform Delivers Personalized Mobile Campus Services, Thursday, Nov 8th 4:30pm-5:20pm






Jasig and Sakai Boards Approve "Plan of Consolidation" and Send to Members for Vote


(October 7, 2012 Announcement)


Community Members,


The Jasig and Sakai Boards of Directors are excited to announce that they have recently voted to approve the "Plan of Consolidation", which is the first legal step in combining organizations, and have moved to bring this Plan to our Members for approval.  In the next several days institutional representatives for Jasig and Sakai will be receiving additional instructions regarding the voting process which, due to the fact we are operating in two different States, will be slightly different.  It will be very important that ALL INSTITUTIONAL REPRESENTATIVES cast votes so they should be sure to review the materials carefully, ask any questions and place the voting deadline on their schedules.  Below are additional details on the legal documentation associated with the Plan of Consolidation.



Following the Jasig-Sakai Conference in June the Joint Working Group (JWG), in close coordination with both the Jasig and Sakai Boards of Directors, has been working to complete all of the legal documentation, referred to as the "Consolidation Package", related to the proposed merger and ensure that it is in compliance with both New Jersey and Michigan State Non-Profit Corporation Laws. We have been working with two attorneys, Frances A. McElhill, Esq. of the New Jersey firm Archer & Greiner, and Cevin Taylor, JD of the Michigan firm Magill and Rumsey, both of whom have extensive experience in the area of non-profit corporate law in their respective States.  This work began with the attorneys conducting independent reviews (Cevin representing the Sakai Foundation and Fran representing Jasig) and then, more recently, a joint review as means to produce a final Consolidation Package that would meet the legal requirements in both States.  Last month this work was completed and both attorneys "signed off" on the Consolidation Package from a legal perspective.


In September both Boards voted to approve the final version of the Consolidation Package (see below for a list of the documents it contains) and to put it to our respective Members for a formal vote.  We have now posted the approved Consolidation Package to the Apereo web site (, which includes a version of the Apereo Bylaws in which we have highlighted changes that have been made to the version that was posted in late May (2012).  These changes were made as a result of the legal review process and reflect the need for us to address various aspects of the New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation Act and to align with best practice recommendations, both of which were provided by our attorneys.  As a reminder, a significant amount of previous documentation related to the consolidation is also available on the Apereo web site including financial analysis, licensing strategy, The Value of a Common Foundation, and the proposed transitional membership fee structure. 



(1) Plan of Consolidation - This is the legal document that details the consolidation (assets, members, etc.) of our two organizations into one legal entity, Apereo.  The plan contains two Exhibits: 

(a) Exhibit A: Membership Rates - These are the rates for membership which come from the Transitional Membership Fee Structure document. 

(b) Exhibit B: Certificate of Incorporation - Although not legally required, legal advice has been to include this as an exhibit to assist the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in their approval of 501(c)(3) status. 


(2) Michigan Certificate of Merger/Consolidation - This is the legal form that will be filed with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs informing them of the consolidation. 


(3) New Jersey Certificate of Merger/Consolidation - This is the legal form that will be filed, with the Plan of Consolidation attached, with the New Jersey Division of Revenue. 


(4) Final Apereo Bylaws - These are the Bylaws which have been signed off on by the two attorneys. 


(5) Founding Board Members - This is a list of the names and addresses of the Founding Board Members.


Robert Sherratt

Chair of Jasig Board of Directors






uMobile Becomes a Fully Sponsored Jasig Project


Jasig is pleased to announce uMobile's promotion from incubation to become a Jasig Sponsored Project. uMobile will join uPortal, Central Authentication Service (CAS), and Bedework as a fully sponsored project.  Jasig wishes to congratulate the uMobile project developers, implementors, and participants on having successfully completed Jasig's project incubation process.


There are multiple flavors of uMobile implementation, some browser-based and some including native apps. Jasig welcomes Oakland University as the first adopter of the uMobile native iOS application, which is published in the iTunes App Store as MySail.  Ohio University, University Pierre and Marie Curie - Sorbonne University, University of Normandie (Rouen, Caen, Le Havre) and University of La Rochelle have deployed browser-based uMobile.


uMobile is an open source initiative designed to bring campus applications, content, and data to mobile devices. uMobile's next generation enterprise framework enables higher education institutions to present role-based, personalized content to their constituents. The project provides a native app for iPhone™ and Android devices, as well as browser-based content for other smartphones. uMobile enables a single code base to provide both browser-based and native-app functionality, allowing institutions to produce mobile applications in a familiar environment. 


Learn more at:


Jim Helwig

Member of the uMobile Working Group




Bedework 3.9 milestone release is now available


A first Bedework 3.9 milestone release is available at:


This milestone release represents a technical preview, not a production release, of Bedework 3.9 - there are some bugs and some still incomplete functionality. However, this milestone represents an opportunity to explore some of the new functionality and improvements which will be present in the 3.9 production release.


We are very excited by the other features and enhancements in Bedework 3.9 : 


* Image uploads (public events):

  - public event administrators can upload an image to accompany an event, with an auto-generated thumbnail used in the "Upcoming" event listings.


* Event registration system (public events):

  - a simple public events registration system is now included with Bedework, allowing end-users to register to attend public events. 


* Multi-tenancy (public events):

  - allows super-users to configure calendar suites "on the fly" without having to rebuild Bedework.


* Calendar suite resources (public events): 

  - allows calendar suite owners to manage images, CSS, or XML snippets from within the administrative user interface.


* Notifications:

  - notification system for use with calendar sharing and public subscriptions


* Improved calendar sharing (personal calendaring):

  - calendars can be shared by referencing a user account, and a notification will be sent to the specified user to accept (or reject) the calendar sharing invitation.


* Improved public subscriptions (public events/personal calendaring):

  - users can subscribe to a public calendar (or event) that makes use of the new notification system


* Apache Solr (public events):

  - Available for both the search engine and for retrieving the event listings providing improved performance

  - Allows for paging of upcoming events (to be implemented soon),  and for faceted search.


* Miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements


As a technical preview, not all new features are complete, and some are not exposed by default (though they will be in future pre-releases).  


Please see the Bedework 3.9 Manual for help exploring the new features:


On behalf of the Bedework Steering Committee,

Gary Schwartz




CAS 3.5.1 Release


The CAS development team is pleased to announce the release of Jasig CAS 3.5.1. This is a point release that should be drop-in compatible with the previous 3.5.x release (3.5.0). Download bundles are available on the Jasig download site [1] and artifacts will appear in Maven Central. Notable highlights of this release:


* Prevent open redirects in logout redirect URL (CAS-1190)

* Protocol improvements (SAML, OAuth)

* Add support for allowing per-service selection of username (CAS-999)

* Internationalization improvements

* Performance enhancements

* Monitoring improvements


Please see the release notes [2] for a full description of changes.


Marvin Addison







uPortal Community Call: November 15, 2012


Thursday, November 15th, 2012, 11:30am ET


Join us for an update on uPortal and a demo of The University of Wisconsin-Madison's portal and newly enabled mobile view.


The uPortal Steering Committee invites you to the next uPortal Community Call on Thursday, November 15th. In addition to sharing information on the latest uPortal release, The University of Wisconsin-Madison will be demonstrating their newly enabled mobile view, portlets integrating with PeopleSoft (employee HR, student courses, and final grades), Advisor Reports portlet, statistic reports portlet and more.




* uPortal Update

* Portlet Update

* uMobile Update

* Documentation Update

* UW-Madison Portal Demo

* Q&A




* Webinar video available via Adobe Connect (note the new location)

* Click the "enter as guest" and include your organization in your name, e.g. Jim Helwig (UW-Madison).

* Audio is available via Calliflower conferencing - register in advance and get connection information at

* Callers will be muted until the Q&A portion of the call.


This call will be archived for later access.


If you have ideas for future calls or would like to demonstrate some of your portal functionality, please email uportal-steering-committee at lists dot jasig dot org.


The uPortal Steering Committee





cas-addons 1.0 Release


The cas-addons version 1.0 has been released and is available in Maven central under the following coordinates:








The source code for the project can be found here:


Dmitriy Kopylenko






Announcing New CAS Perl Client


It’s my pleasure to announce a fine new addition to the set of CAS Perl client libraries, available now on Github:


This client library has support for the current version of the CAS protocol as well as support for SAML authentication with attributes. If you have a need to CASify your Perl apps, please review the client code and see if there’s potential for using it in your Perl applications.


Thanks and credits are due to Drew Mazurek of Unicon who put together the code and documentation for the library.


Misagh Moayyed

mmoayyed at unicon dot net




2012 Annual Conference Archived Recordings Now Available


Many sessions were recorded at the June, 2012 Jasig-Sakai joint conference. Links to all recordings have been integrated into the session wiki pages at:


Just click on the session that interests you and scroll down to Materials.




Unicon-involving CAS Progress


Read Andrew Petro's blog discussing Unicon-involving progress on Jasig CAS in the last quarter, and a bit about CAS more generally.



Jasig Newsletter - October 2012


Editor: Mark Rogers ( newsletter at jasig dot org )

Online edition at:

Past editions of the Jasig Newsletter can also be found in the Jasig wiki at: