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- 2012 Jasig Sakai Conference - Atlanta, Georgia
- Jasig and Sakai Announce Name for Proposed Foundation and Membership Vote on Merger



- Bedework now available for download
- CAS Clients now on GitHub
- phpCAS 1.3.0 Final Release
- uPortal 4.0.4 Released
- April 2010 uPortal Community Call



- Unicon Contributes Over 20 uPortal Portlet Enhancements to Open Source Community
- Going Live with uPortal 4.0 at Riga Technical University
- Shibboleth Workshops Planned April 12-13 - Columbia, Missouri





2012 Jasig Sakai Conference - Atlanta, Georgia


Date:  10 Jun 2012 - 15 Jun 2012
Location:  Westin Peachtree Plaza in Atlanta, Georgia


Sunday, June 10 through Friday, June 15, 2012 at the Westin Peachtree Plaza in Atlanta, Georgia. 
Supplementary half-day Jasig and Sakai Seminars on Sunday, June 10.


Something special is happening in Atlanta in June. Jasig and Sakai, two of the pioneers of open source software in higher education, are pooling resources to provide a better home for innovation. The Jasig-Sakai Conference will showcase the adoption and growth of software to support advances in learning, teaching and research, together with the infrastructure that enables it.


Come to learn about – and share your experience with – the Sakai Collaboration and Learning Environment to support a variety of approaches to teaching and learning; uPortal to present a unified view of campus services; CAS to offer single sign-on to multiple online resources; or Bedework to deliver a robust calendaring solution.


Engage with the dreamers and designers of uMobile, a framework for innovative mobile solutions.  See the latest release and contribute to the vision of the Sakai Open Academic Environment, a next-generation approach to promote effective learning, teaching and research online. Share your successes on, and ask your peers about, raising campus awareness and ultimately adoption of open initiatives through The "2-3-98" Project.


Above all, the Atlanta conference is a global networking point for practitioners. There will be opportunities in and around the conference program, for meeting, sharing and learning from others in our global community. Join us in growing that community, and growing possibilities!






Jasig and Sakai Announce Name for Proposed Foundation and Membership Vote on Merger


Shortly after the 2011 EDUCAUSE Conference, Sakai and Jasig announced a community naming process for the new, merged organization we proposed a year before. We wanted suggestions for Foundation names that were memorable and reflected the core values of the merged organization which we previously articulated in the “Value of a Common Foundation”. In announcing the outcomes of this naming process today, it is important to emphasize that the new organization will have a strong focus on existing software communities and project brands. Names such as Sakai and uPortal won’t go away, they will remain an essential element of reaching constituents old and new.


The Founding Board, which was elected by the Jasig and Sakai Foundation Boards in October (2011) to take the lead on merger decisions, is excited to announce that the name of the new organization we are proposing will be the Apereo Foundation (listen to pronunciation). The name is a combination of community suggestions, and represents the fusion of two Latin words, “aperto”, which means “open” and “mereo”, meaning merit. Given the importance of openness and meritocracy, in all its forms and flavors, to both organizations as well as the larger open-source movement, the merging of these Latin words to form Apereo resonated with the Founding Board. Combining the suggestions was also helpful in securing the domain name. 


We will begin to use Apereo as the name of the proposed new organization in our communication moving forward. However this is not intended to indicate the merger is complete; nor assumed as, most importantly, a majority vote by our collective membership is required to gain approval. To this end, the announcement of the proposed Foundation name is being used to launch a larger communication initiative. Over the coming four weeks we will release additional information, the first of which will be posted the week of March 26th, and create opportunities for conversations about the path ahead. These will include discussion lists, webinars, and other opportunities for community engagement on issues related to the merger. This will culminate in a membership vote to approve the merger which will take place in late-April 2012.


Finally, those who suggested the names we selected have generously donated the prizes we were offering to participants in our forthcoming June conference. We’ll come up with some exciting ideas to put them to good use at the event!


If you have questions or comments on the name please post them to the Jasig-Sakai Collaboration Google Group (subscribe at:


Jens Haeusser
Chair, Jasig Board of Directors






Bedework now available for download


Bedework, a bug-fix release of Bedework 3.8, is now available for download.


The changes in this release include:


1. Fixed issue preventing display of events on a DST boundary. (This is relevant for the upcoming DST change this month - Mar 11, 2012.)

2. Fixed bug which prevents attendees from being notified of the addition or deletion of other attendees to a meeting

3. Fixed storing of resources/attachments (inadvertently broken in the Jan 30th production release of Bedework 3.8). 

4. Added quota capability in support of storing resources.

5. Restored datasource files missing from some configurations.

6. Modified SOAP namespace to conform to OASIS naming conventions.


Bedework is now the preferred version of Bedework. 


If you are already running the Jan 30, 20132 production 3.8 release, refer to this documentation for upgrade instructions:


On behalf of the Bedework Steering Committee,
Gary Schwartz




CAS Clients now on GitHub


We are pleased to announce that the Jasig .NET and Java CAS Clients are now live on GitHub:

 .Net -
Java -




phpCAS 1.3.0 Final Release


Dear CAS Community,


We are pleased to announce the new 1.3.0 release [1] for phpCAS. This release is a continuation of the 1.2.x tree.


Since we were forced to do some changes that touched the external user api, package layout, licensing (now Apache License) and the behavior we have opted to bump the version number to make this clear to the users.


For most users the release should be a drop-in replacement but especially people using the proxy features of phpCAS should have a closer look at the Changelog [2] and the Upgrading docs [3]


The current release also fixes 2 security problems. (CVE-2012-1104, CVE-2012-1105): phpCAS did not validate proxy tickets and their chain properly. Any authorized proxy with a valid user PT could proxy any other service for the user.

The other issue was the missing protection of the debug log or locally stored session files on proxy mode. This is especially relevant in shared server environments. For details please refer to the Changelog[2] and the issues on github/jira [5].


Thanks to everyone who contributed and made this release possible. This release contains a lot of new features [2] and also a lot more and better documentation. [4]












uPortal 4.0.4 Released


Jasig is proud to announce the general audience release of uPortal 4.0.4. This release includes the ability to Dynamically Select a Default Skin based on user attributes or group memberships, evaluate DLM fragments based on the user's profile, the Jasig Notification Portlet, and import/export changes for better error logging. There have also been significant performance improvements thanks to testing by Arvids Grabovskis.

Release Notes:




April 2012 uPortal Community Call


The uPortal Steering Committee invites you to join us on our next uPortal Community Call on Wednesday April 11 at 11:30am ET.




   uPortal releases, recent and future

   Portlet updates

   Recent uMobile release

   Documentation update

   uPortal at the 2012 Jasig Sakai Conference



Webinar video portion:


   Adobe Connect

   Click the "enter as guest" and include your organization in your name, e.g. Jim Helwig (UW-Madison).


Audio portion:


   Calliflower service: +1 218 936 6581 (or see for local numbers)

   Skype users can connect to "calliflowerskype"

   For all connection methods, the PIN to enter for this call is 28357 (or you can register at the above link and receive a personal PIN)


This call will be archived for later access.


If you have ideas for future calls or would like to demonstrate some of your portal functionality, please email uportal-steering-committee at lists dot jasig dot org.


The uPortal Steering Committee







Unicon Contributes Over 20 uPortal Portlet Enhancements to Open Source Community


Unicon, Inc., a leading IT consulting services provider, specializing in open source for the education market, today announced that it has developed and contributed over 20 new portlet enhancements to the Jasig uPortal project. These contributions included technical fixes, feature enhancements, improvements, and new functional capabilities. This development work, along with fixes performed by the Unicon team, was contributed back and shared with the uPortal open source community. As a Jasig partner and authorized Solutions Provider for uPortal, Unicon is deeply committed to ensuring uPortal's long-term success.


“Unicon’s involvement in the Jasig uPortal project is an example of how commercial entities contribute to a vibrant open source community that creates and sustains solutions for higher education,” said Patty Gertz, Executive Director of Jasig.


The portlets listed below are available for download at


uPortal Product and Contribution


ANNPLT (Announcements Portlet) -


* Converted the datepickers on admin feedback to use JQuery datepicker UI as opposed to custom JQuery UI


FBP (Feedback Portlet) -


* Resolved issue with validation in search form

* Converted the datepickers on admin feedback to use JQuery datepicker UI as opposed to   custom JQuery UI

* Provided a timeout functionality for submitting feedback

* Resolved issue with the ‘comments only’ filter criteria in Oracle

* Resolved tagging issue with feedback submitted from Google Chrome browser

* Updated to newer Jasig practices of using model and view

* Added a page selector to let browsing large amounts of feedback data easier

* Added the ability to filter by date

* Resolved a 404 issue that occurs when exporting to excel


EMAILPLT (Email Preview Portlet)


* Improved the email reading experience when message is long and in plain text

* Resolved issue relating to the null sent date of the email

* Provided a customizable HELP screen

* Created classes for splitting Java mail


CMSPLT (Simple Content Management)


* Allowed optional use of the TinyMCE WYSIWYG Editor

* Resolved issue with rich text widget sending garbage from FireBug

* Resolved JS error with 'Spell Check As You Type' button


WIDGPT (Widget Portlet)


* Added an image gallery based on JQuery plugin "gallaria"

* Updated to Fluid 1.4

* Updated to Google Maps api v3 as to not require an api key


WPT (Weather Portlet)


* Unable to delete locations in safari : provided testing and feedback

* Added filtering for api key




Going Live with uPortal 4.0 at Riga Technical University




I'm excited to inform you that we've successfully launched our next portal version based on uPortal 4.0.x. It did go live on 5th of march and so far everything seems very good. I wanted to share some of my experience, hence wrote a post: 


I hope that someone will find it useful. It's also very nice to have 4.0.4 coming out this week, because will be very good release in terms of performance.


One interesting thing is that we're not using apache in front of tomcat (which was our previous setup), but nginx. If you're interested in this setup I might ask for some configuration hints to our administrators.


Also I can inform you that we're successfully providing content in 2 languages (Latvian and English) and so far the single weak point is lack of skin metadata i18n (, but it is on my TODO list. Hence uPortal has become very capable of serving multi-lingual portals.


Arvīds Grabovskis




Shibboleth Workshop Series April 12-13, 2012 – Columbia, Missouri


Register now for the Shibboleth Workshop Series, April 12-13, 2012, at the offices of MOREnet in Columbia, Missouri


Have you decided to deploy a web single sign-on (SSO) system and leverage it to access resources and contracted services through InCommon? Do you need training on installation and support?


Consider attending one or both:

* Shibboleth Identity Provider Workshop on April 12, 2012

* Shibboleth Service Provider Workshop on April 13, 2012


The InCommon Shibboleth Identity and Service Provider Workshops will provide attendees with technical installation and configuration experience with Shibboleth Single Sign-on and Federating Software, version 2. 


Developed for organizations new to Shibboleth and those with existing implementations interested in upgrading to the v2 release, the workshops will offer attendees the chance to:

* Install either a prototype Shibboleth identity or service provider in a virtual machine environment.

* Hear tips for configuring and running the software in production.

* Learn about integration with LDAP directories and selected packages.


AUDIENCE includes higher education and partner organization representatives with knowledge of identity management concepts and related implementation experience. Organizations are encouraged to send one or two attendees who best represent the following functions:

* System install, integration, and ongoing support staff

* Campus technology architects


REGISTER SOON ( to reserve a seat. Participation is limited to maintain program quality. For those staying overnight, there is a list of hotels on the workshop website ( NOTE: There is a separate registration process and fee for each workshop (IdP and SP). If you wish to attend both days, be sure to register for each.


RESOURCES: To learn more about Shibboleth, see the Shibboleth wiki. More information on federated identity can be found at 


THIS SHIBBOLETH WORKSHOP SERIES event is sponsored by InCommon, Internet2, MOREnet, the University of Missouri, and the Great Plains Network.


Valerie M. Vogel
Program Manager, EDUCAUSE
e-mail: vvogel at





 Jasig Newsletter - March 2012

Editor: Mark Rogers ( newsletter at jasig dot org )

Online edition at:

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