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- Apereo Foundation is born

- Apereo (Jasig and Sakai) celebrate successful unconference in Phoenix



- uPortal 4.0.9 Release Announcement

- Bedework 3.9 Production Release is now available



- cas-addons 1.1



- Unicon Contributes Password Manager to Jasig Central Authentication Service (CAS) Community







Apereo Foundation is born


Dear Colleagues

On December 28th, a Certificate of Merger/Consolidation for Jasig and Sakai was filed in New Jersey and Michigan. As of that date the separate existence of Sakai and Jasig ceased, and the Apereo Foundation came into being.

We will provide a more detailed update during the course of January, but in the interim we wanted to inform you of salient developments.

In December, the Apereo Founding Board, which currently consists of four members of the former Sakai and Jasig Boards, elected pro-tem officers for the new foundation as follows -

Chair      - Josh Baron, Marist College
Vice-Chair - Robert Sherratt, University of Hull
Secretary  - Tim Carroll, University of Illinois
Treasurer  - Charlie Leonhardt, Georgetown University

During the course of January four further board members will be elected by the Apereo Foundation membership as a whole. After that election has taken place, the Board may exercise an option to appoint up to four further representatives, and proceed to elect officers for the remainder of the year. Details of the Board election will be sent to Insitutional Reps shortly. Please consider standing for election.

We are pleased and honored to report that the Foundation Board has named Ian Dolphin as Executive Director of the Apereo Foundation. Patty Gertz, the former Executive Director of Jasig, will join Ian as Associate Director for a transition period of six months.

We would like to thank you for your continued support, and to wish you a very happy start to 2013. We look forward to the challenges Apereo will bring, and working with you to strengthen and serve our communities into the future.


Ian Dolphin and Patty Gertz



Apereo (Jasig and Sakai) celebrate successful unconference in Phoenix

Apereo, the organization of the newly merged Jasig and Sakai, held its annual unconference in Phoenix on the campus of Arizona State University/Polytechnic. Over 60 attendees from the Jasig and Sakai communities, including commercial partners Unicon and rSmart, as well as ASU students and faculty participated in a successful week of collaboration, innovation, and learning. Unconferences are dynamic, unstructured meetings where the agenda is formed daily by the participants. Anyone who wants to initiate a discussion on a topic can claim a time and a space.







uPortal 4.0.9 Release Announcement


Apereo is proud to announce uPortal 4.0.9, continuing in our regular patch releases of uPortal 4.0. This release addresses a number of minor bugs and one moderate security bug. For the security bug any user with access to user-administration would also be able to craft a URL to use the impersonation feature even if the user lacked the impersonation permission. This has been addressed via commits 3636ac and 8679f6 for those interested in applying just the fix without upgrading to 4.0.9. This release also includes two new statistics reports that show Tab and Portlet execution counts broken down by group and tab/portlet, thanks to Unicon's cooperative development program for these reporting tools. Finally a bug related to cached group and permission data has been resolved such that at login existing attribute, group, and permission information about the user is completely purged to ensure a fresh session.


Features and Changes of Note

* Users with access to User Administration can impersonate any user regardless of "IMPERSONATE" permission settings
* Add report for Tab Render count
* Add report for portlet execution count


Updating from 4.0.0-4.0.5

If you have data you care about in the UP_LOGIN_EVENT_AGGREGATE table please back it up externally or rename the table before executing the following steps. db-update will drop this table.

After configuring your uPortal 4.0.8 source run:


ant db-update

Release Notes:
Maven Project Site:


-Eric Dalquist




Bedework 3.9 Production Release is now available


The Bedework 3.9 Production Release is now available for download:

 Documentation for Bedework 3.9 can be viewed at:


Bedework 3.9 offers enhancements and improvements to calendar sharing, event registration, and image management, as well as other features.


Highlights of Bedework 3.9 release include:

* Resource management (public events): images, CSS, and text files (such as XML or JavaScript) can be managed from within the public events administrative web client.  The resources can be global or associated with a specific calendar suite. 

* Management of "Featured Events" image triptych (public events default theme): resource management now allows the Featured Events image panels to be updated from within the administrative web client, eliminating the need to manually edit XML files.

* Improved calendar sharing (personal calendaring): implemented to work natively on Apple clients (and others that follow the latest standards). Calendars can be shared by referencing a user account, and a notification will be sent to the specified user to accept (or reject) the calendar sharing invitation.

* Apache Solr (public events): Available for both the search engine nd for retrieving the event listings, providing improved performance.  This feature is now on by default in the Quickstart public events client, providing for paging of upcoming events, and forming the foundation for full faceted search in a future release.

* Image uploads (public events): public event administrators can upload an image to accompany an event, with an auto-generated thumbnail used in the "Upcoming" event listings.

* Event registration system (public events): a simple public events registration system is now included with Bedework, allowing end-users to register to attend public events.

* Multi-tenancy (public events): allows super-users to configure calendar suites "on the fly" without having to rebuild Bedework.

* Notifications: notification system for use with calendar sharing and public subscriptions

* Improved public subscriptions (public events/personal calendaring): users can subscribe to a public calendar (or event) that makes use of the new notification system

* Improvements to the CardDAV server, which now defaults to version 3 in support of a wider variety of CardDAV clients.

* Enhancements to datafeeds and widgets.

* Miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements


We are excited by the features and enhancements in Bedework 3.9, and encourage you to explore them yourself.


On behalf of the Bedework Steering Committee,
Gary Schwartz







cas-addons 1.1


Folks, Happy New Year!


The cas-addons 1.1 is now released and is available in Maven central.

 The main features of this release:

* Updated pom dependencies to the latest version (where available)

* Convenience "Assertions" utility class:

* CAS events publishing framework:

* Removal of the CAS clients related code and moving it to the new project called 'cas-java-clients-addons':










Unicon Contributes Password Manager to Jasig Central Authentication Service (CAS) Community


* New Feature to Enhance Password Protection *


Unicon, Inc., a leading IT consulting services provider specializing in open source for the education market, has contributed Password Manager to the Jasig Central Authentication Service (CAS) community. Unicon contributed Password Manager on behalf of its client Onondaga Community College. Password Manager provides basic password management tasks to users with minimal disruption to their browsing process. It allows institutions and organizations to provide self-service password management, eliminating many help desk calls to conserve time, resources, and expense. Password Manager is an extension of CAS, and not part of the core project. CAS is Web single sign-on technology. Centralizing the institutional log-in experience, CAS protects against credential proliferation and password exposure.


Password Manager includes many valuable features that enhance password protection. It is one of many extensions for CAS, all of which help strengthen IAM strategy for institutions and organizations.  It is now available for download at:         


Features include:


* Expired password reset

* Forgotten password reset using security questions based on pre-populated or custom security questions

* Forced configuration of user custom security question if one is not set (Configurable)

* Support for Active Directory and OpenLDAP (OpenLDAP is currently experimental)

* Configurable password security level enforcement (E.g. 8 characters, upper/lowercase, etc.)

* Password change lockout with too many incorrect security question attempts

* ReCAPTCHA integration to aid against scripted attacks


The original Password Manager work was performed for Onondaga Community College. Compatibility between Password Manager and the latest version of CAS was made possible through Unicon’s Cooperative Support Program for CAS. The program provides commercial support along with development options.





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