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- Jasig's "Spotlight on Open Source"



Central Authentication Service (CAS)

- CAS Server 3.4.5 Final Release
- Jasig ClearPass Extension for CAS
- Jasig CAS Client for Java 3.2.0
- Jasig CAS .NET Client 1.0
- phpCAS Client 1.2.0
- mod_auth_cas 


- Update Your "Deployed uPortal"
- Tour Yale's Portal 


- Girasole Solutions is now a Jasig Bedework Solutions Provider
- Bedework 3.7 Milestone 3
- Barry Leibson joins the Bedework Steering Committee
- Bishop's University and Bedework



-Jasig and Sakai Discussions Continue
-Infusion 1.3 is here!





Jasig's "Spotlight on Open Source"


Monday, May 23 through Wednesday, May 25, 2011
Westin Westminster Hotel, Westminster, CO 

...Followed by InCommon Advance CAMP: Identity Services Summit 2011, May 25 - 27 (separate registration)


Supplementary half-day Jasig Seminars on Sunday, May 22 and the afternoon of Wednesday, May 25.

Developer Workshops, May 26-27


Call for Proposals now open


Deadline for submission of proposals for half or full day seminars: Friday, January 7, 2011

Deadline for submission of proposals for all other sessions: Friday, January 14, 2011


At Jasig's Spotlight on Open Source you can--


* Attend hands-on training for applications from Jasig and from colleagues in other open source communities.

* Discuss common problems and solutions with peers from around the world

* See how other campuses are deploying the open source applications that are important to you

* Learn from inspiring speakers


We invite you to propose talks, seminars, birds-of-a-feather sessions, demos, and poster session displays on open source campus applications, issues facing you and your campus, innovative work that your team has done...


Talks will be presented in one of five tracks:


* Jasig Projects

  Bedework, CAS, uPortal, Portlets.  We're looking for presentations on development, implementation, integration, and governance

* The Incubator

  For presentations on projects in the Jasig Incubator (OpenRegistry, IT Ecosystem, HelpDesk, Portlets, etc.) and those that would like to be (Yours...?)

* Friends and Partners

  We welcome proposals from our colleagues at Sakai, Internet2 Middleware, Fluid, OpenCast, Kuali, Duraspace, and other projects that benefit the academic mission

* Communities of Interest

  Promoting Open Source success (2-3-98), Issues in Identity Management (FIFER), Openness, Agile Processes, Teaching and Learning

* Technologies for Open Source

  What are the open source technologies that will impact us in the coming years?  What new technologies are you using or evaluating for open source development?


Proposals require a title, an abstract (under 1000 words), a presenter profile for each speaker, and some basic affiliation information.


Submit your proposal directly at


We look forward to seeing you at Spotlight on Open Source!


-The Jasig 2011 Spring Conference Planning Committee





Central Authentication Service (CAS)


CAS Server 3.4.5 Final Release


Dear CAS Community,


We're pleased to announce the CAS Server 3.4.5 release.   This release includes a new X.509 Regex CredentialsToPrincipalResolver as well as major security enhancement to CAS.  Gateway requests are now included as part of the Services Management Tool.  A gatewayed service MUST be approved by the Service Management Tool in order for the redirect to happen if there is no valid user.  Its recommended that all deployers upgrade.


Thanks to Rich Renomeron and George Hedfors for identifying this security improvement.


It's recommended that all deployers upgrade to this new version to provide an extra layer of security.


The binary release can be found here:


The artifacts should be in the Maven Repository shortly and thus available for those using the Maven2 WAR Overlay process.







Jasig ClearPass Extension for CAS

The latest ClearPass release provides complete compatibility with the latest CAS Server while adding the ability to encrypt the passwords that CAS stores in its cache.


New Features:


* Ability to encrypt passwords in cache

* Support for CAS 3.4.4


Bug Fixes:


* uPortal Extension fails to report missing clearPasssUrl property


Integration Instructions:


Maven2 Repository:


groupId: org.jasig.cas3.extensions

version: 1.0.6.GA




Jasig CAS Client for Java 3.2.0

Version 3.2.0 is the first major CAS client release in a few years.  100% backwards-compatible with the 3.1.x APIs, 3.2.0 finally brings the Java 1.5 syntax and Apache 2 license to the CAS Client for Java.  In addition, it introduces new features like the ability to encrypt Proxy Granting Ticket Identifiers when sent over the network to other nodes in the cluster.


New Features:


* Ability to encrypt PGTs before they are send in a cluster.

* Requires Java 1.5

* Apache 2 License

* Added ability to disable SAML 1.1 Schema Validation

* Fixed example attribute extraction code to extract lists

* Documented how to use character encoding filters


Bug Fixes:


* Fixed incorrect logging of JNDI configuration

* Catch Ehcache exception when a node goes down



Maven2 Repository:


groupId: org.jasig.cas.client

version: 3.2.0




Jasig CAS .NET Client 1.0

The .NET client development team is proud to announce the 1.0 release

of the CAS client for the .NET Framework.  This is the first

production-ready release of this client and represents months of

development and testing.  The .NET client provides a feature set

comparable to the Java client including the following:




 * Multiprotocol support including CAS 1, CAS 2 (including proxy), and SAML

 * Single sign-out support

 * Rich ASP.NET framework integration including Forms authentication

   and authorization



Binary and source release packages are available for download at, where

documentation and integration instructions are also provided.




phpCAS Client 1.2.0

We are pleased to announce the new 1.2.0 release for phpCAS. We have finally made the big leap to PHP5 only and started reworking on some of the core parts of phpCAS.


The new version is compatible with 1.1.x versions with minor exceptions: The bogus functions setCasServerCert() and authenticate() have been removed. All logout* functions with an url parameter have been marked as deprecated for newer cas server versions.


New Features:


* PHP5 only (visibility, OO) 

* improved cookie handling in proxy mode (RFC compliant) 

* removal of the xml compatibility layer

* test framework with phpunit tests

* cas 2.0 protocol attribute support (various formats)

* php deprecation warnings for outdated functions

* callback hooks after authentication and single sign-out

* exposure of the proxy chain through the phpcas interface

* expose hasAttribute($key) and getAttribute($key) through the phpcas interface


Bug Fixes:


 * fix redirects behind http proxies

 * remove the bogus setCasServerCert() function







mod_auth_cas is now available, containing a variety of bug fixes and new features.  All users are encouraged to upgrade when convenient.  A detailed list of all changes is available in the README



New Features:


* SAML validation support has been provided by David Hawes of Virginia Tech.

* libcurl is now used for validating tickets, which results in

  improved compatibility with different CAS services

* A new directive, CASRootProxiedAs has been added to support

  environments where access to mod_auth_cas is reverse proxied.


Bug Fixes:


* Various edge case scenarios which may result in crashes have been resolved.

* Incorrect per-VirtualHost configuration merging has been fixed.








Update Your "Deployed uPortal"


The community maintains a list of Deployed uPortals on the wiki:


This is a tremendous help to others either looking to adopt or scale their own implementation and only takes a few minutes of your time. 


If you already have an entry, please take a moment to make sure it is up to date and consider adding a contact so folks can reach out to you directly.


If you are not yet listed and have an implementation, we encourage you to add your own entry.  






Tour Yale's Portal


Take a tour of YaleInfo, Yale University's uPortal application, on Jasig's Vimeo site.






Girasole Solutions is now a Jasig Bedework Solutions Provider


Jasig affiliate, Girasole Solutions(, has been approved as a Bedework Solutions Provider( Girasole provides Bedework installation, configuration, and training, among other support services.




Bedework 3.7 Milestone 3


Bedework 3.7 milestone 3 release was made available ( on November 30th. This will be the last milestone release prior to the production release of Bedework 3.7




Barry Leibson joins the Bedework Steering Committee


Barry Leibson is now a member of the Bedework Steering Committee, having accepted the invitation extended by the Bedework SC. Barry first joined the Bedework project as a volunteer, to become familiar with Bedework functionality and technologies. He later became a contributor, a committer, a Jasig affiliate (through his Girasole Consulting) and now a Bedework Solutions Provider. He was an active participant in the Jasig Unconference in October, and brings a very broad perspective on Bedework needs and requirements to go along with his strong Bedework knowledge and practical experience.


The Bedework Steering Committee looks forwarding to working with Barry in our mutual objective of making Bedework an even better product, and a more successful project.




Bishop's University and Bedework


In September of 2005, we announced the availability of the first production release of Bedework, Bedework 3.0, for October 2005. Even though there was no Bedework 3.0 release in October 2005, the next month we were contacted by Bishop's University (, located in Sherbrooke, Quebec, not far from Montreal.  Bishop's decided to implement the still yet to be released Bedework 3.0, and in January 2006, sent their developer, Joel Casse, to "calendar camp" at RPI to learn more about installing Bedework.


Bedework 3.0 was released in March 2006. In April 2006, Bishop's became the second production Bedework site, the first other than RPI. 


Now, more than four and a half years later, we are pleased to learn that Bishop's will be joining Jasig as an institutional member. We still have fond recollections, both personally and professionally, of our Bedework collaboration with Bishop's, and look forward to working again with them as a Jasig member.





Jasig and Sakai Discussions Continue

 The Jasig and Sakai boards have formed a joint committee, consisting of members from each Board, to facilitate continued discussions around the bringing together of the two communities.  Both boards are excited about working together more closely in the new year to hash out the details toward this goal.  The joint committee will be providing more details around the group's objectives and progress early in 2011.  We will also be providing more frequent communications to our communities after that time.



Infusion 1.3 is here!

 The Fluid community is pleased to announce the release of Infusion 1.3, just in time for the holidays!

Infusion 1.3 is a major new release of Fluid's JavaScript application framework. This version includes substantial accessibility improvements, plugin-free HTML 5 support for the Uploader component, and variety of new framework features including the Inversion of Control system for creating highly adaptable and easy-to-test applications. 

Create your own custom build of Infusion 1.3 with the new Infusion Builder:

... or download the entire package of Infusion 1.3 at:


What's new in this release?


* Sneak Peek at the new Inversion of Control (IoC) system

* Uploader support for HTML 5

   - Flash-free for modern browsers!

   - Substantially improved keyboard and screen reader accessibility

   - Comprehensive automatic progressive enhancement based on browser capabilities

* Tons of accessibility improvements

   -  Better feedback for the Progress component

   -  Enhanced screen reader support for the Inline Edit component

   -  Location and movement announcements for the Reorderer component

   -  No wrap option for the Reorderer component

* The new Infusion Builder site, which allows you to create custom builds

* Renderer improvements

* ChangeApplier now supports transactions

* Bug fixes

* Many improved demos


We have updated our supported browser matrix to harmonize it with the latest Yahoo! A-Grade support. For more information, see our Browser Support documentation at

A huge thanks and happy holidays to all our users and everyone in the community for their hard work on this release 

Colin Clark
Technical Lead, Fluid Project


Jasig Newsletter - December 2010

Editor: Mark Rogers (University of Manitoba)

Online edition at:

Past editions of the Jasig Newsletter can also be found in the Jasig wiki at: