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- Jasig-Sakai 2012 Conference - Registration Now Open
- Jasig-Sakai 2012 Conference - Project Collaboration Time
- Jasig and Sakai Release Merger-Related Documentation for Review and Comment


- Bedework is now available for download
- CAS 3.4.12-RC1 Released
- phpCAS 1.3.0 Final Released
- uPortal 4.0.5 Released 
- uPortal 3.2.5 Released


- Jasig Incubation Welcomes Student Success Plan
- OpenRegistry 0.8.8 Released


- Bedework Welcomes the Nashville Public Library



Jasig-Sakai 2012 Conference - Registration Now Open

Register Now for the Jasig Sakai Joint Conference - June 10-15, 2012:
Growing Community; Growing Possibilities:
Open innovative technologies for learning, teaching, and research
Registration is now open! Here is your chance to participate in the coming together of two established open source communities in their inaugural joint conference. There will be something for everyone --
Pre-conference seminars in uPortal, uMobile, Sakai CLE, Sakai OAE, Sakai OSP, CAS, Bedework, 2-3-98, Scheduling Assistant, and OpenCast Matterhorn on Sunday, June 10th.
Presentations, Birds of a Feather discussions, and other concurrent sessions on Monday, June 11th to lunchtime Thursday, June 14th in the following tracks: Awareness and Advocacy, Design and Development, Deployment and Integration, Expanded Solutions, Getting Started, Leadership and Future Directions, Teaching, Learning, Portfolios and Research, and Technical Management.
Chances to work face-to-face with other developers and strategic planners on: Sakai CLE, Sakai OAE, and the Jasig products.
June 10 - Pre-conference Seminars and Bootcamps
June 11-14 - Main Conference
June 14-15 - Project Collaboration Time and Developer Days
Westin Peachtree Plaza, Atlanta
210 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA 30303
Hotel Direct: 404-659-1400 
Group Reservations: 1-800-937-8461 
Online reservations:
Group code: Jasig-Sakai2012 Conference
Early registration ends May 11th!
LEARN MORE (and keep checking back for updates):
Help us Grow Communities and Grow Possibilities!  Register now.
See you in Atlanta!
- The Planning and Program Committees for the Jasig Sakai Joint Conference


Jasig-Sakai 2012 Conference - Project Collaboration Time

Immediately following the main proceedings at Jasig-Sakai 2012, the conference will be hosting Project Collaboration Time for active contributors and adopters in all the various community projects to get together face-to-face and collaborate. This will take place on Thursday afternoon (June 14th) and all day Friday (June 15th).
This time can be used for project planning, technical discussion, roadmap work, joint development, or whatever a given project/community finds to be productive while they can work face-to-face. Examples for the use of this time include the "Project Coordination Meetings" typically held in some Sakai projects and the "Developer Days" typically held in some Jasig projects.
These sessions are open to the public and anyone is welcome to attend, but the focus is on collaboration amongst active contributors working to make the project better for everyone in the community (this includes all forms of contribution, e.g. development, documentation, implementation, requirements, etc.).
There will be several rooms available for this purpose. At a minimum, there will be tables available for small groups to get together in a shared space.
Each project/community governance group should be communicating their plans for Project Collaboration Time to their contributor community quickly. Conference attendees will need to indicate their intent to participate in Project Collaboration Time at the time of registration (there are no additional costs, though) and will also be making travel plans soon.
Please let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to seeing you all collaborate in Atlanta!
- Jasig-Sakai 2012 Conference Planning Committee


Jasig and Sakai Release Merger-Related Documentation for Review and Comment

Community members, 
The Jasig-Sakai Joint Working Group and the Apereo Founding Board are pleased to be able to share with our communities and the larger public a series of important documents related to the proposed merger between our two organizations. Although some of these documents have been released in the past in earlier versions, all of them contain new and updated information. We are also releasing, for the first time, the proposed Transitional Apereo Membership Fee Structure that will allow current members to understand how their membership fees will be affected by the merger if it is approved. Below is a brief list of each of the documents being released today. 
As announced recently, we are releasing these materials in advance of a planned membership vote on the merger as means to allow our members to better understand the rationale for merging, the value we believe it will bring to our work, and the benefits we hope to derive from it over the long term. We are also hoping that these materials will stimulate a broader discussion across and between the Jasig and Sakai communities about the merger and would like to encourage everyone to post your questions, comments and concerns to the previously established Jasig-Sakai Collaboration Google Group (see 
(1) Proposed Transitional Apereo Membership Fee Structure - This document will provide the history, rationale and details associated with the initial membership fee structure that is being proposed for the new organization. Both the Jasig and Sakai Board of Directors endorsed this plan.
(2) The Value of a Common Foundation: The Case For Apereo - This is the third public release of this "living" document which discusses the rationale and benefits associated with the merger and has been updated to reflect prior comments and concerns from our communities. 
(3) Updated Apereo Bylaws - This final draft of the bylaws has been updated significantly since its initial release in August 2011 and has also been endorsed by both the Jasig and Sakai Boards.
(4) Jasig-Sakai Merger FAQ - We have developed an FAQ based on the questions and issues that our communities have raised over the past year and will continue to add to it as additional questions are posed. 
All of these documents can now be found on the Apereo web site (, although it should noted that this basic web site is simply being used at this point as a convenient place to host these files (as opposed to duplicating them on our current web sites), and is not intended to "brand" or market Apereo nor suggest that the merger is in anyway finalized. 
A series of webinars will be scheduled to provide opportunities for "live" interactions with Jasig and Sakai Board members.  Another email will be posted once the schedule is finalized with information on how to register. 
Jens Haeusser
Chair, Jasig Board of Directors



Bedework is now available for download

Bedework is now available for download at:
This new quickstart has enhancements to the administrative client, and various bug fixes to other components.
A long-awaited feature is now available, the ability to upload images directly onto the Bedework server, with accompanying auto-generated thumbnail images.  Uploaded images are stored in the database and automatically referenced in an event's image URL.  
Bedework will continue to support image URLs within events pointing at external images on the web, and version 3.8 has also added support for an accompanying thumbnail URL. Thumbnail images, when present, are exposed in the default Bedework theme on the "Upcoming Events" page.
Please note:
1. The ability to upload images is not yet visible by default in the administrative client. You can make this feature available by configuring an images folder in the system calendar tree and rebuilding Bedework.  
2. The uploaded images are not yet available in the XML data dump/restore file.  Until the XML dump/restore file contains the image data,  backups of images must rely on database dumps.  
For instructions on how to configure image uploads, please see:
Other Features of Bedework Quickstart include:
Administrative client enhancements:
1. "Manage events" page now uses date range and date navigation to list events
2. The event description field now tracks the number of characters used while the user types.
3. Pending event topical areas are auto-selected (when possible) based on the selections made in the submissions client
4. Pending event "preferred" and "all" listings are correctly selected when first editing a pending event
5. "Preferred" and "all" listings now sorted
6. Auto-focus first available field code updated to be more generally useful (based on work contributed by Eric Wittman @ Yale) 
Bug Fixes
Admin client:
1. Pending event titles are correctly escaped on publish
Public events client:
1. Correct ids on nodes of the calendar explorer menu (new feature in 3.8)
Submissions client bug fixes:
1. Removed Confirmed/Tentative/Cancelled radio buttons
2. Correctly associate selected topical areas between submissions client and admin client (where possible)
Bedework servers / utils bug fixes:
1. Configure Tomcat to fully support UTF-8 URLs
2. dump/restore utilities
3. Long standing bug in date/time util
4. Missing tz and locale update
5. tombstone related bug in methods called by indexer
6. correct check for duplicate collection name
7. various DST, timezone fixes, support for UTC, etc.
8. blob caching fixes.
The quickstart is now the preferred, production version of Bedework.
On behalf of the Bedework Steering Committee,
Gary Schwartz


CAS 3.4.12-RC1 Released (April 18)

I'm pleased to announce the availability of the first release candidate for 3.4.12.  Distribution bundles (zip, tar.gz) are available on GitHub:
Please note this release contains an important fix with security implications for deployers using catchall registrations to allow large groups of registered services.  See for more information.
Deployers are encouraged to test the RC in their environments. We'll allow 2 weeks for testing and feedback, with the final release to follow shortly thereafter barring major issues.
Marvin Addison


phpCAS 1.3.1 Final Released

Dear CAS Community,
we are pleased to announce the new 1.3.1 release [1] for phpCAS. This is a bug fix release for any new issues that where found in the recent 1.3.0 release.
Since we broke the PEAR installer support[2] in our 1.3.0 release we have opted to do this new release asap. Only 3 other smaller issues were discovered and fixed in the meantime. Details can be found in the changelog [3] or on github [3]
Thanks to everyone who contributed and helped chasing down the bugs.


uPortal 4.0.5 Released

Jasig is proud to announce the general audience release of uPortal 4.0.5. This release includes 60 bug fixes and improvements on top of the 4.0.4 release, many coming from the experience of UW-Madison and other institutions going live on uPortal 4. As an overview there have been big improvements in rendering performance as well as an 80% reduction in per-user memory usage for rendered markup data via shared caching. The JSR-286 caching APIs are 100% supported and for resource requests HTTP cache control related headers are used to provide even better performance. uPortal 2/3 style fname links are now supported by the URL processor and translated into the new syntax so legacy links into your portal will remain functional. Data import performance has increased significantly and several thread-safety bugs have been resolved as well. The search portlet also has a new tabbed UI and better ability to categorize result data. As always please read through the full list below for all the details.
Release Notes:
Eric Dalquist


uPortal 3.2.5 Released

Jasig is proud to announce the general audience release of uPortal 3.2.5. The most recent changes in 3.2.5 include significant improvements to data export performance. Deployers on 3.2 that are planning on upgrading to 4.0 are encouraged to use 3.2.5 for exporting their existing data. There have been a total of 66 issues addressed in the the last 18 months since the 3.2.4 release.
Release Notes:
Eric Dalquist



Jasig Incubation Welcomes Student Success Plan

We are pleased to welcome the Student Success Plan project ( as a Jasig incubated project.  Russ Little and Sinclair Community College have brought this highly successful project to the community in order to ensure their users, and future adopters, the best possible long term prospect. 
The Student Success Plan (SSP), a holistic counseling and intervention software offering developed at Sinclair over the last 8 years.  It is designed to increase the persistence, success, and graduation rates of the at-risk student. Through holistic counseling, web-based support systems, and intervention techniques, students who are at greatest risk of failing in college are identified, supported and monitored. 
See also this article about the project in the Educause Quarterly:  We expect this project to become  a fully sponsored Jasig offering this summer.
Jasig Incubation Steering Committee


OpenRegistry 0.8.8 Released

The OpenRegistry Project is pleased to announce its next release, OpenRegistry 0.8.8
This is Rutgers Certification Release 4 
You can find the complete release notes for this release at:
Please download the source from the release tag
Once staging is complete, binaries will be available on the Jasig Maven repository.
Muhammad Siddique



Bedework Welcomes the Nashville Public Library

On behalf of the Bedework Steering Committee, I would like to welcome the Nashville Public Library to the Bedework Community.  
The Library went live two weeks ago with their new website (, and their new Bedework calendar (  
Although I am not a librarian, I have been involved with IT support of my university’s library, and I presently serve as a trustee of the Capital District Library Council (  I have long felt that Bedework would be a great fit for public libraries, and I am pleased that the Nashville Public Library feels the same way.
The Nashville Public Library is a large library system - with 22 branch locations serving the population of America’s  25th largest city. As Nashville is the first public library, to my knowledge, that has adopted Bedework, I was interested in learning more about Bedework story at The Library. I contacted Kyle Cook, the librarian involved with Bedework and other digital projects, who was gracious enough to spend an hour telling me about Bedework at his library.
The Nashville Public Library is a highly centralized system, with a single web site for the entire library system. When The Library’s web site was being updated, they decided to take the opportunity to look for a replacement for their public events calendar. They have about 600 events per month, including performances of their resident puppet troupe ( The old online calendar did not have strong search, and could not drive their digital signage, among other things.   
Kyle told me that Bedework’s feedbuilder, which allows them to drive their digital signage, and Bedework’s “skinning” capabilities, making it easy to provide the same look and feel for Bedework as the larger web site, were major selling points for The Library. Additionally, they appreciated that Bedework is an open source project with wide adoption and an active developer community. Mobile capabilities are increasingly important for The Library, and it is easy to provide a mobile skin for Bedework, or use it natively from Apple’s ical client, or the Android acal client.
I offered Kyle opportunity to have the last word, and here is what he had to say, 
“We are taking kind of a risk trying Bedework; it’s not something we normally do, going outside the lib world for technology, going somewhere libraries have not gone before. 
We are really excited about being the first public library on Bedework, and we definitely hope we are not the last. We are really pleased with how the implementation has gone, and we hope we can recruit some other big public libraries, and also statewide consortia, to give smaller libraries a platform to put their events on, and to have all that great functionality without having to invest in servers themselves.”
I commend Kyle and his colleagues at the Nashville Public Library for going where no public library has gone before, and l look forward to hearing of other Bedework public library implementations in the very near future.
On behalf of the Bedework Steering Committee,
Gary Schwartz 



Jasig Newsletter - April 2012

Editor: Mark Rogers ( newsletter at jasig dot org )
Online edition at:
Past editions of the Jasig Newsletter can also be found in the Jasig wiki at: