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Jasig Institutional Members

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What is a Jasig Institutional Member?

A Jasig Institutional Member is a college or university that helps support Jasig's goals.  Typically, Institutional Members are schools that make use of one or more of Jasig's open source products.  Membership is one way of "giving back" to the community.   Membership fees, and participation in Jasig through mailing lists, software contributions, conferences, and other events, help strengthen our organization and sustain our efforts. 

Who are the current Jasig Members?

The current membership list is on our wiki.

What are the benefits of Institutional Membership?

Organizations will benefit from Jasig membership in the following ways:

  • Your membership will help to ensure that any Jasig software you implement is sponsored by a self-sustaining, growing organization of peers.
  • Institutional Members are eligible to vote for representatives of the Jasig board of directors and for stakeholders who sit on project steering committees.  These are the organizational bodies that drive the strategic direction for Jasig and its products.
  • Jasig conference participants from Member organizations will be eligible to register at reduced, member-only fee levels.
  • Member organizations will receive advanced news of Jasig announcements and activities.
  • Members are consulted from time to time on strategic and operational issues.

What is the annual fee to join as an Institutional Member?

Annual fees for colleges and universities are based on a sliding scale that is tied to the institution's annual operating budget.  Current fees are as follows: 

  • $1,000/year for schools with operating budgets under $100m
  • $3,000/year for schools with operating budgets $100m to $750m
  • $5,000/year for schools with operating budgets above $750m.

How do I find out more about the Jasig Institutional Membership program? 

Send an email to  We are happy to tell you more about the program and answer any questions you might have.

I've already made up my mind.  How do I join?

Send an email to requesting an application.  Follow the instructions in the document for submitting the application.