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What is Jasig Membership?

Jasig adopted a membership model in 2007 to help achieve the following objectives:

  • Provide an avenue for the hundreds of institutions and organizations that have implemented Jasig software to have a say in the strategic direction and activities of the organization
  • Ensure sustainability of the organization through modest membership fees that will fund on-going work, planning, and coordination with other higher education initiatives
  • Fund an executive director who works full-time to help us achieve Jasig goals and objectives
  • Provide support to promising new projects that qualify for “incubator” status
  • Promote broader participation

Organizations will benefit from Jasig membership in the following ways:

  • Your membership will help to ensure that any Jasig software you implement is sponsored by a self-sustaining, growing organization of peers.
  • Institutional Members and Jasig Partners are eligible to vote for representatives of the Jasig board of directors.
  • Jasig conference participants from Member organizations will be eligible to register at reduced, member-only fee levels.
  • Member organizations will receive advanced news of Jasig announcements and activities.
  • Commercial affiliates who join Jasig will have opportunites to make their services known to the community through our Solutions Provider Program.

We are pleased by the opportunity to include Jasig Members in the decision-making that will help forge the future of shared technology for higher education. We hope you will join us in this exciting new venture.

For information on the specific types of membership, see the Instituitional members, Partners or Affiliates pages or the Membership Comparison page.

For questions, please send mail to

How does my organization become a Jasig Member?

Send mail to requesting an application.  Follow the instructions in the document for submitting the application.

Who are the current Jasig Members?

The current membership list is on our wiki.


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