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Mark your calendars and plan to attend the 18th JA-SIG conference!

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Katya Sadovsky Co-chair
University of California, Irvine
Jonathan Markow
Community Source Liason
Executive Director, JA-SIG
Jim Helwig
Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
John Fereira
Cornell University
Ben Oshrin
Erik Olsson
University of California, Irvine
Andrew Wills
Unicon, Inc.
Paul Zablosky
University of British Columbia
Community Source Partners
Tom Barton
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Jennifer Foutty
Executive Director, Kuali
Michele Kimpton
Exectutive Director, DSpace
Michael Korcuska
Exectutive Director, Sakai
Sandy Payette
Exectutive Director, Fedora Commons
Paul Zablosky
Fluid Project
University of British Columbia
Conference Organizers
Jennifer Cummings and Deborah Smith
CONCENTRA Conference Management Services

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The JA-SIG Spring Conference
March 1-4, 2009
The Sheraton Dallas Hotel, Dallas, TX, USA

The JA-SIG Spring 2009 Conference will be held at the beginning of March in 2009. Once again, we have extended invitations to our many colleagues in higher education community source to share in the event, and we're working together to produce an exciting conference.

General Session and Keynote addresses

Monday, March 2

Disruption and Strategic Alignment: Information and Communication Technology and the Changing Fabric of Inquiry Presented by James Hilton, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at the University of Virginia

Tuesday, March 3

User Experience is Everybody's Business Presented by Christian Crumlish, Curator of the Yahoo! Design Pattern Library

Wednesday, March 4

Universal Access to All Knowledge Presented by Brewster Kahle, Founder and Director of The Internet Archive

The main Program is being currently developed in four tracks:

  • Community Source Management/Governance: What are best practices for managing community source projects or their deployments on campus? For encouraging adoption? For gaining acceptance and campus buy-in? For engaging your community in the processes? Presentations for managers, team leaders, executives, planners and strategists.
  • Design and Development: For developers, architects, UX designers, testers. Presentations for people who build community source products, use them as a development framework or want to learn more about doing so. These are technical topics, tips and techniques, how-to's.
  • Deployment and Integration: Presentations for people who need to make applications work on campus: developers, content providers, team leaders, evangelists. In particular, we would like to highlight work that integrates community source projects within the enterprise infrastructure and with each other.
  • Multiple Audiences: Presentations that span multiple projects or audience types. Community source project introductions and overviews.

Supplementary seminars: Half-day Seminars will be held in the morning and afternoon on Sunday, March 1st as well as on Wednesday (March 4th) afternoon, presented by representatives from each of the partnering organizations. [See Details].

Post Conference Activity: TBD

Poster Sessions: Once again, a community gathering area will be set up for poster sessions. A poster session will provide a forum for presenters to highlight their programs, projects, and to share their successful ideas with the community. Poster presentations provide other conference participants an opportunity to quickly and easily become acquainted with what others in the open source community are doing.
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The JA-SIG Spring 2009 Conference will provide an unprecedented opportunity to meet and learn from each other. We're hoping to see you there!