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Building the CAS Project Using Maven

CAS developers currently use Maven to build and release the CAS project, as well as generate interesting reports.  Below you will find instructions for using Maven.

Download Maven

CAS currently only supports the Maven 1.x releases.  You can download the latest version of Maven from the Maven download site. After installing Maven, be sure to define your MAVEN_HOME environment variable and add Maven to the required path (so it can be run from any directory).

Acquire CAS

Either download a release of CAS or obtain a copy of CAS from the CVS repository. Unzip or untar the release if needed.  From the directory of the download, execute the command "maven".  Maven should execute and attempt to download the dependencies for CAS.

Defined Maven Goals

CAS developers generally only need to execute a certain number of Maven goals.  They are as follows:

maven jar

The jar goal will generate a jar library of the classes for the CAS release.  The jar goal can also be run in any of the adaptors directories to create a jar of that adaptor.

maven war

This will generate a demo war file with all of the default settings. The war will be placed in the ${project.home}/target directory. 

maven site

This will generate the Maven site with reports such as Clover, checkstyle, Junit, etc.  This is placed in the ${project.home}/target directory.

maven cas:release

This will generate a CAS release placing the files in the ${project.home}/dist directory.

Using CAS with Maven and Eclipse

To use CAS and Maven with Eclipse, you'll need to define a MAVEN_REPO variable that points to the Maven repository.  Then, as above, you'll need to execute "maven" in the ${project.home} to download all of the dependencies.  CAS should then be okay to work with in Eclipse.