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There are a number of ways to find support for CAS:

Mailing Lists

We maintain email lists for CAS users, developers, and designers.  Lists are actively monitored by subscribers, and there is frequent traffic. Posing questions to the lists is often a very expedient way of getting help.

Collaboration Tools

The Jasig wiki, Confluence, provided to us by software vendor Atlassian, contains documentation on each of the products, as well as a host of Jasig topics such as project incubation, governance, and other organizational processes.

The Jasig issue tracker, Jira, another Atlassian application, keeps a record of issues, defects, and progress towards releases.

Conferences and Events

Attendees at Jasig conferences find that the combination of training, demonstrations, how-to sessions, seminars, access to experts, and informal discussions with peers are all very useful ways to come up to speed with technology and find solutions to local problems.

Solution Providers

Vendors and consultants offer their services to the CAS community through our Solutions Provider Program.