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CAS Community


The CAS space in the Jasig Wiki is a repository for information on the CAS clients, modifications to the CAS architecture and papers on the CAS protocol. The Wiki is writable, and we actively encourage users to add their own contributions to the CAS wiki, including modifications, documentation, and information on their deployment of CAS.

Mailing Lists

The most common form of community participation and communication is through the various community mailing lists.  View more information about the available CAS mailing lists here.


There are various ways to contribute to the CAS project.

  1. Make sure you've joined the mailing lists. They are a valuable way to contribute feedback and ask questions.
  2. If you find a bug, log it into JIRA(Note, if you're using the Yale CAS 2.0.x branch, please use this JIRA instance.  Yale Java CAS client users should use this JIRA instance.)
  3. We actively encourage you to suggest new features, enhancements, etc and send them to the mailing list.



There are numerous CAS deployers in all parts of the world, including Canada, France, Japan and the United States! Check out the complete list.


Learn about the integrators who have out of the box support for CAS in their products.