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Bedework Change Log

June 2014 - release

  • A largely-revamped public client, which features:
    • Responsive design - the public client will display reasonably on almost any screen size.
    • More powerful and flexible left-hand navigation - in just a few clicks, site visitors can ask for the "Arts events and Films taking place on West Campus"
    • Event filtering by string. – ex., “Arts events and Films on West Campus that include 'Sherlock'".
    • An endless stream of events - All events that match the criteria are presented, starting with today's events (or any other date specified), and advancing into the future.   An initial group of events are displayed on the page, and as the visitor scrolls towards the bottom of the page, the next group is presented.
    • Improved performance with fewer page reloads - most operations, such as adding or removing a filter, are done "in-page" (using Ajax calls). 
  • Enhancements to indexing
    • Bedework 3.10 has a new search engine – ElasticSearch.  In the Bedework context, ElasticSearch, provides better remote management of indexes,   better scalability options, and much simpler configuration than Solr. ElasticSearch is used by, among others,  Wikimedia, Foursquare Etsy, and GitHub.
    • Improved performance and scalability by directing most queries to an ElasticSearch index rather than directly to the database engine
  • More real-time site configuration
    • All configuration settings are now set through the JMX console, eliminating the need for rebuilds to reconfigure
  • An improved Quickstart
    • A smaller (~40%) Quickstart - no-longer-used code (such as webcache) and unused JBoss components have been removed 

January, 2013 - 3.9 release

  • Administrative client:
    • Support for image uploads and auto-generation of thumbnails during event creation and editing 
    • "Manage events" page now uses date range and date navigation to list events
    • The event description field now tracks the number of characters used while the user types.
    • Pending event topical areas are auto-selected (when possible) based on the selections made in the submissions client
    • Pending event "preferred" and "all" listings are correctly selected when first editing a pending event
    • "Preferred" and "all" listings now sorted
    • Auto-focus first available field code updated to be more generally useful (based on work done by Eric Wittman 
    • Bug fix: pending event titles are correctly escaped on publish
  • Public events client:
    • Bug fix: correct ids on nodes of the calendar explorer menu (new feature in 3.8)
  • Submissions client:
    • Removed Confirmed/Tentative/Cancelled radio buttons
    • Correctly associate selected topical areas between submissions client and admin client (where possible)
  • Bedework servers / utils:
    • Configure Tomcat to fully support UTF-8 URLs
    • Bug fixes to dump/restore utilities
    • Bug fix: for long standing bug in date/time util.
    • Bug fix:  missing tz and locale update
    • Bug fix: tombstone related bug in methods called by indexer
    • Bug fix: correct check for duplicate collection name
    • Bug fix: various DST, timezone fixes, support for UTC, etc.
    • Bug fix: blob caching fixes

February 27, 2012 - release

  • Fix issue preventing display of events on a DST boundary.
  • Fix iSchedule so it works again.
  • Fix change set so that added/deleted attendees get notified.
  • Storing of resources/attachments was broken. Required upgrade to hibernate 3.6
  • Added some quota support because we can now store resources.
  • Added some missing datasource files.
  • Watch out for and fix bad PARTSTAT.
  • Don't email freebusy requests.
  • SOAP namespace change.

January 30, 2012 - 3.8 release

  • Synchronization Engine, providing more efficient synchronization of external data. read-only .ics subscriptions/feeds into Bedework are supported in this release. 
  • CalWS-SOAP, a SOAP protocol for calendaring being developed by OASIS and CalConnect. Bedework 3.8 uses CalWS-SOAP for communication between the synchronization engine and Bedework.
  • WebDAV Synch, which is a draft RFC extension to WebDAV/CalDAV (, providing a more efficient method for client synchronization. WebDAV synch is currently supported by iCal - the Apple desktop calendaring client, and also by aCal - an Android CalDAV client ( 
  • New UI Feature - a theme setting that produces an explorer view of the calendars for navigation 
  • Quickstart has a smaller footprint
  • New, simplified theme (using the new calendar explorer menu) providing easier integration with an organization's web design. 
  • Hypersonic (HSQL) is now packaged with the Quickstart instead of Derby. Derby never met our expectations that it could be deployed as the production DBMS for Bedework, and the advantages of HSQL, including Quickstart support for the Scheduling Assistant,  are compelling.  
  • Structural changes to projects. 
  • All references to Bedework documentation are updated in the web clients to point to the Bedework website and latest documentation wiki. Previously, some references were to the older, deprecated site, which created some confusion in previous releases. 
  • Various bugfixes

March 10, 2011 - 3.7 release

  • The Bedework personal client has been simplified, and presents new displays for FreeBusy, and for scheduling and managing meetings.
  • Bedework 3.7 uses CardDAV for managing contacts, and provides a  new, standalone address book web client  as well as a significantly  improved and enhanced CardDAV V4 server.
  • Improved internationalization - the web clients are distributed with language strings in Spanish (all clients) and German (public and personal clients). The Spanish translations are the result of a collaboration between the Universidad Pública de Navarra and their Pamplona colleagues at Universidad de Navarra, and the German translation is the contribution of Werner Frerichs of the University of Kiel.
  • Personal calendaring client UI has been upgraded, with particular attention to Scheduling and Free/Busy
  • Improved environmentals - Reduced memory footprint in the quickstart; logging overhead has been decreased
  • Public and private calendar display names can now be changed, providing a means to safely modify the labeling of calendars over time as well as stronger internationalization.
  • Addressbook enhancements, including a CardDAV V4 server, support for groups, and a stand-alone address book web client appropriate for deployment within multiple applications
  • An initial version of the CalWS restful web service API is available in the system shipped with the quickstart. 
  • Bug fixes to all servers and clients

February 3, 2010 - 3.6 release

  • Core Bedework services packaged in JBoss
  • Spanish translation of public calendaring themes shipped with quickstart
  • Bug fixes and final enhancements
  • See Bedework 3.6 Milestone page for information about post-release bug fixes.

January 9, 2010 - 3.6 release candidate 1

  • Public calendaring
    • New default public theme based on Duke/Yale themes
    • Feed URL and Widget Builder for generating rss, json, xml, and ical feeds as well as embeddable javascript widgets
    • A "feeder" application that serves as a common source for public data feeds and widgets
    • A web cache application for storing and serving the feeds and widgets
    • Internationalized and modularized themes
    • New mobile theme for iPhones and other smartphones
  • System notifications now built on JMS (ApacheMQ) allowing more modular design of the services
    • Indexing reworked as outboard process
    • Scheduling reworked as outboard process
    • Logging of system notifications
  • Performance improvements
    • in CalDAV
    • event retrieval (system wide)
  • Other Enhancements
    • improved ical subscriptions, user and public clients
    • UI support of deleting collections
    • improvements to scheduling in the user client
    • subscription coloring in the user client
    • general bugfixes
    • improvements to documentation

July 17, 2009 - 3.5 release

June 3, 2009 - 3.5 release candidate 2

  • Bug fixes and final enhancements
  • Further support for draft 0.7 of CalDAV scheduling
  • Improved personal client user interface

May 19, 2009 - 3.5 release candidate 1

  • Performance improvements
    • reduce JVM memory usage
    • decrease database system load
  • Large-scale restructuring of data and administrative UI to map to new conceptual model of the single calendar pool
  • public events submissions client enhanced with added workflow in the admin client for pending events, including email notification when an event is published
  • admin client: cross-tagging of events by administrative groups (currently locate events by searching)
  • Support for draft 0.7 of CalDAV scheduling
  • Stronger support for xproperties

January 29, 2009 - 3.5 preview release

  • Public events optimized for a single calendar pool model
    • simplifies public events calendaring
    • filtering can be applied to all collections allowing for fine-grained control over subscriptions from within the user interfaces; no longer necessary to filter in the xslt of public client
    • administrative users tag events by topical area based on subscriptions within each calendar suite. The system then assigns appropriate categories to events.
    • administrative users can tag events with as many topical areas as appropriate
    • categories are maintained by superusers
    • categories can be set on all collections
    • adding a user to a calendar suite group will allow the user to administer the calendar suite
  • Subscriptions greatly improved
    • all subscriptions are reimplimented as calendar aliases
    • subscriptions now appear in caldav clients such as Mozilla Lightning or Apple's iCal
    • users can apply filters to aliases allowing for fine-grained control over subscriptions in the user client
    • subscritpions to external ical feeds available in public and personal clients
  • Apache DS ldap directory ships with quickstart
    • used for user accounts, authentication, and the new CardDAV server
    • quickstart more closely resembles a production system
  • CardDAV server first release
    • address book widget used in personal client queries attendees for meetings
  • Timezone server in use
    • provides standardized timezone service
  • CalDAV improvements
    • Support for draft 6 of CalDAV scheduling
    • Support for storing resources (e.g. files, attachments) within the folder hierarchy

June 3, 2008 - release

  • Support for RFC-2445 x-properties
  • Inclusion of image URL for public events
  • Improvements to public event submission web client
  • Improvements to CalDAV and WebDAV
  • Improvements to dump/restore
  • Improvements to access control
  • Better support for driving public events client with categories
  • Fixes to scheduling - better support for COUNTER
  • Support deletion of non-empty calendars via CalDAV
  • Performance improvements to Lucene indexing
  • Bug fix for null parameters in x-props (thanks to Roberto Polli)

March 18, 2008 - 3.4.1 release

  • CalDAV: many improvements; greatly enhanced interoperability with Mozilla Lightning and Apple's iCal; support for subscriptions to web calendars through the CalDAV server, allowing Bedework to expose user subscriptions to desktop clients; improved support for CalDAV filters
  • Addition of Public Events Submission web client (beta) which allows non-admin users to suggest public events. ( configuration details)
  • Much better support for RSS and Javascript feeds including the addition of category filters and date ranges
  • Rudimentary interface for adding named CalDAV filters that can be used with the public web client providing powerful filtering features
  • Improvements to scheduling
  • Improvements to recurring event support
  • Improvements to freebusy
  • Improvemenst to locale support
  • Improvements to Lucene searching
  • Improvements to access control
  • Better handling of tasks
  • Better timezone handling
  • Numerous UI improvements including updated web template for mobile devices and an improved administrative interface
  • Bugfix to set all character encoding to utf-8 (thanks to Martin Blom)

September 14, 2007 - 3.4 release

  • Better standards support: A much more complete implementation of the calendaring standards RFC2445, RFC2446, RFC791 (CalDAV) and the CalDAV scheduling draft standard.
  • A reasonably complete implementation of iTIP scheduling, such as simple (non-recurring) iTIP scheduling, display of attendee FreeBusy information, sending invitations, update of attendee status, canceling meetings. There is some support of recurring meetings and modifications to instances partially works.
  • Portal support: A number of changes to make the user interface more portal friendly.
  • CalDAV: Changes/fixes have been implemented to improve interoperability with Apple's iCal, and there is significant support now for CalDAV scheduling.
  • UI improvements to access control and recurring events.
  • Initial support for FREEBUSY URL and calendar subscription URL.
  • Apache Ant: Upgrade to 1.7 to make apt task available for further development.

April 25, 2007 - 3.3.1 release

  • Access fixes. Note this requires a change to the /public folder. Previously read + write-content was sufficient for administrative privileges. Now it must be read + write-content + bind (may also want unbind to allow deletions)
  • A number of bugfixes to CalDAV support.
  • Implemented some missing CalDAV features.
    • attachments now work,
    • copy/move/rename partially works.
    • Freebusy information can be stored
    • Tasks (todos)
    • Search filters
  • Bug fixes for recurring events
  • Timezones shared correctly
  • Oracle now builds and deploys without alterations to generated schema.
  • Fixed up restore so that it can handle UWcal 2.3.2 data
  • 12/24 mode works correctly
  • One-shot free and busy url works allow users to publicize their busy time.
  • Scheduling is now close to completion and largely usable. Some of the more esoteric features still require work, e.g. instances of recurring meetings, COUNTER is untested.
  • UI supports all access control features.
  • Import and export of calendars completed

February 23, 2007 - 3.3.1 preview release

  • CalDAV - Fixes to problems uncovered in the interoperability testing at CalConnect.
  • Recurring events - Fixes to some bugs, especially in the sharing of these events.
  • Timezones - Fixes to problems sharing events with 'private' timezones, such as those added via CalDAV or imported as ics.
  • Access control - Fixed some bugs in setting ACLs. The UI has been updated to enable all features of access control.
  • Scheduling - Implemented additional functionality. Scheduling is still incomplete but more features are exposed in 3.3.1 to allow further testing. We have successfully sent an invitation, posted a response, and observed the resulting event in the calendar. Scheduling support is "fragile" but progressing rapidly.
  • Bedework 3.3.1 is much more Oracle-friendly than previous versions. Based on work done by Julian Ball at Queens, and Chris Mann at Maryland, we have significantly overhauled the XML schema, with the intent of eliminating or at least drastically reducing the modifications Oracle users would have to make.

January 24, 2007 - 3.3 release

  • Java 1.5 and Tomcat 5.5 as implementation requirements
  • Lucene searching has been implemented for all clients
  • Categories have been reinstated
  • Many changes to CalDAV to better support various clients.
  • Significant progress supporting OpenConnector
  • Support for recipients and attendees
  • iCal import and export of multiple events / whole calendars
  • Improved timezone displays / support
  • Support for floating time values
  • Support for storing UTC time values
  • Recurring event support
  • Human readable text fields now stored with language information to facilitate internationalization
  • Scheduling (meeting requests, replies etc) are now mostly implemented
  • Significant improvements to the web user interfaces, XHTML user clients & dojo based widgets
  • Bug fixes (e.g. access control) and housekeeping (e.g. all tables given consistent names)

December 15, 2006 - 3.3 release candidate

  • A subset of the 3.3 release, above

November 22, 2006 - 3.3 preview release

  • Lucene searching added
  • Recurring and annotated event support rewritten
  • Added a String table to facilitate internationalization
  • Category support resuscitated, categories attached to calendars - implement changes to event categories
  • Java 5 language features to facilitate development
  • Fixes to access control and improved ui support
  • Added back-end support for todos
  • Support for scheduling operations
  • CalDAV improvements

August 15, 2006 - 3.2 release

  • SVN Restructuring complete
  • CalDAV improvements

August 1, 2006 - 3.1 release

  • Restructuring of system into multiple SVN projects
  • Working personal calendars released
  • Freebusy aggregator added
  • CalDAV server restructured to allow use as a proxy

June 22, 2006 - 3.1 release candidate 4

  • Restructuring of stylesheet directories to better support calendar suites
  • Initial release of jsr-168 compliant portlet for use within uPortal

June 19, 2006 - 3.1 release candidate 3

  • Further interface updates and bug fixes
  • Calendar Suites (departmental calendars) updated and highlighted

June 12, 2006 - 3.1 release candidate 2

  • Bug fixes
  • Upgrade to struts 1.2.9
  • Introduction of Calendar Suites:
    • the Bedework system can now be defined as a collection of "calendar suites" which allows for the implementation of departmental calendars.

May 19, 2006 - 3.1 release candidate 1

  • Dump/restore and schema:
    • Now zipped up with shell script for running stand-alone
  • Caldav fixes to bring up to draft 12
  • Prototype free/busy aggregator
  • Personal Client:
    • sharing of events (as well as calendars and free-busy)
    • bug fixes and interface updates
  • Admin and Public Clients:
    • brought up-to-date with all changes

May 5, 2006 - 3.1pre

  • Personal Client:
    • Preferences management in place
    • Can select destination calendar when importing an event or adding an event reference
    • Updates to access control
    • Schema changes
    • Graphical updates (also to public client)

April 21, 2006 - 3.1pre

  • Personal Client:
    • Full calendar management in place
    • Free/Busy display
    • Basic sharing of calendars and free/busy

April 14, 2006 - 3.1pre

  • Personal Client: Fixed up personal client so basic functionality is restored. Client has been given a graphical overhaul.
  • Free/Busy: Preliminary work on free/busy
  • Lucene full text searching: Added classes to support Lucene indexing