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Bedework 3.8

Version: (changelog)
Updated: 2013-11-01

Bedework 3.8 provides numerous improvements, including a new scheduling engine for handling subscriptions, support for the Jasig Scheduling Assistant, CalWS-SOAP, and new theme features.

Highlights of the 3.8 release include:

  • Synchronization Engine, providing more efficient synchronization of external data. read-only .ics subscriptions/feeds into Bedework are supported in this release.
  • CalWS-SOAP, a SOAP protocol for calendaring being developed by OASIS and CalConnect. Bedework 3.8 uses CalWS-SOAP for communication between the synchronization engine and Bedework.
  • WebDAV Synch, which is a draft RFC extension to WebDAV/CalDAV (, providing a more efficient method for client synchronization. WebDAV synch is currently supported by iCal - the Apple desktop calendaring client, and also by aCal - an Android CalDAV client ( 
  • New UI Feature - a theme setting that produces an explorer view of the calendars for navigation
  • Quickstart has a smaller footprint
  • New, simplified theme (using the new calendar explorer menu) providing easier integration with an organization's web design.
  • Hypersonic (HSQL) is now packaged with the Quickstart instead of Derby. Derby never met our expectations that it could be deployed as the production DBMS for Bedework, and the advantages of HSQL, including Quickstart support for the Scheduling Assistant,  are compelling.  
  • Structural changes to projects. 
  • All references to Bedework documentation are updated in the web clients to point to the Bedework website and latest documentation wiki. Previously, some references were to the older, deprecated site, which created some confusion in previous releases.
  • Various bugfixes

We have heard your requests to improve the Bedework documentation. The documentation on the wiki has been revamped in format and content, and although there is some content which needs additionally editing, we anticipate that you will be as pleased with the results to date as we are. We wish to acknowledge the contribution from Carlos Alonso Vega of the Public University of Navarra on "Internationalizing Bedework".

Please note that the Quickstart has changed significantly, and you cannot simply update earlier 3.8 Milestone releases.  Please download the latest 3.8 Quickstart to get started.

Bedework and the Jasig Scheduling Assistant

Bedework 3.8 has been tested with, and supports, the soon-to-be-released Jasig Scheduling Assistant.

We have been very excited by the Jasig Scheduling Assistant since we first saw it in 2008  at  the Jasig Unconference at the University of Wisconsin (Madison). At that time it was a good app built atop Oracle calendar. Today it is a very impressive office hours app,  which can be deployed with CalDAV calendar servers such as Bedework. We have been supporting  Nick Blair, the lead developer of the Scheduling Assistant through its journey through the Jasig incubator as an open source project.  We anticipate that the Scheduling Assistant will have its first production release very shortly.

Information about the Jasig Scheduling Assistant project is available at

and, Bedework-specific deployment information can be found at