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Download Bedework

To deploy or try out Bedework, download and run the latest quickstart package, found below.   To get moving quickly please read Getting Started.

The Bedework quickstart comes pre-built, allowing you to get familiar with the system quickly and easily, without having to compile and deploy code, and without having to set up a database.   It is the foundation from which a production release is built.

We have attempted to make the quickstart as close to a production-ready system as possible. To move to deployment, you need only move to a production database. You may also choose to use local authentication (against ldap, CAS, Shib, etc), front Bedework with Apache, or make further customizations. In all cases, begin with the Quickstart. For more information about deploying a production system, see Deploying Bedework (but read Getting Started first!).

Note: the source code is included with the quickstart distribution.