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Bedework is an open-source enterprise calendar system that supports public, personal, and group calendaring. It is designed to conform to current calendaring standards with a goal of attaining strong interoperability between other calendaring systems and clients. Bedework is built with an emphasis on higher education, though it can be (and is) used by many commercial enterprises.

Bedework BrochureYou may choose to deploy Bedework for public events calendaring, personal calendaring and scheduling, or both. Bedework is built in Java and is suitable for embedding in other applications or in portals and has been deployed across a wide range of environments.


News & Events

  • 07/08/14
    We are pleased to announce the production release of Bedework 3.10:
  • 03/10/14
    The milestone release represents a technical preview, not a production release of Bedework 3.10 - some functionality is still incomplete. However, this milestone represents an opportunity to explore the new functionality and improvements which will be present in the 3.10 production release.
  • 05/23/13
    The Bedework web cache, as originally shipped with Bedework versions 3.7, 3.8, and 3.9, can produce file paths which exceed operating system maximum lengths. This update corrects the problem and provides other enhancements.