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2-3-98 Project

2/3/98 ProjectWho We Are

The 2-3-98 Project provides support for college and university administrators, managers, and practitioners wishing to take advantage of both openness--as an organizational and operational orientation--and open initiatives, in order to reduce costs and increase choice.

The project, open to all who care to participate, strives to collect data regarding the design, development and deployment of open source applications, projects and techniques (both successful and unsuccessful); identify and assess the various considerations, characteristics and qualities that enable, advance or constrain the understanding, adoption and practice of openness; and provide a rationale for those who may be considering the feasibility and viability of openness within their own organizations.

What We Do

  • Offer a forum for open and honest discussion with peers about the evaluation, procurement, decision-making, issues, and experiences behind the adoption of, and barriers to, open source projects and other open initiatives
  • Understand the common attributes associated with "open" as a development methodology and community of practice
  • Identify issues associated with open projects, communities and practices (strengths, weaknesses, benefits, risks), in order to assist organizations in their assessment of both open products and processes
  • Document best practices for success in the implementation of openness within technology, program or organizational development
  • Promote shared findings through a community of interest

Activities and artifacts will include:

  • Case studies
  • Events
  • Mailing lists
  • Research and references
  • Use cases
  • User stories
  • Wiki
  • White papers


See the 2-3-98 Project wiki pages for more information

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